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EuroCare LLC owner Steve Gancarz, born and raised in Europe, continue to wow customers with their air duct cleaning services. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders, or sinus problems, having your home's air ducts cleaned will dramatically improve the way you breathe and feel! Cleaning air ducts also keeps dust in check, heating and cooling systems in optimum condition, and minimizes fire hazards.

Committed to providing customers with superior service, EuroCare uses state-of-the-art equipmentand cleaning methods approved by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and adheres to the most stringent industry standards. And that's not all. Customers also look to Eurocare to keep dryer vents clean-extremely important in preventing fires.

Eurocare continues to celebrate the European tradition of excellence with its newest offering from their family-owned-and-operated business: tile and grout cleaning. It is not the most glorious work and a far cry from other specialties that are more clearly associated with European craftsmanship; yet, when you realize the beauty ot tile that this service uncovers, you can see the connection.

"Our philosophy of quality and serivce can be traced back to the traditional values and people of Europe," notes Steve. Customers are quickly realizing these benefits first hand, first with EuroCare's high quality air duct cleaning services.

Especially in the kitchen, dirt and grime get embedded in tile an grout. Rather than struggle on your hands and knees only to realize less than satisfying results, see how EuroCare's safe, effective cleaning technique gets the job done.

Using a sage, EPA-approved cleaning solution and truck-mounted cleaning equipment, EuroCare restores beauty to tile and grout in the kitchen, bath, and throughout the home. A sealant is also applied, making it easier to maintain that nearly new look. The process is neat and fast. Within just a couple of hours, normal activities can be resumed.

Treat yourself to the comfort, beauty, and savings that EuroCare LLC provides. Call 201-486-2524 for your free telephone estimate. See an breathe the difference!

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If you are not satisfied, we will come back and re-clean at no additional charge.

We take pride in the time necessary to thoroughly do the job right. Our technicians are not in a rush to get to the next job.

We usually have openings within one week or less!

We respect your time and hourly schedule during the day.